Handmade in Ardales

according to the family

recipe since 1939



Founded in 1995 in Ardales, a village in Málaga, a village with a strong baking tradition, Piquitos Rubio stems from the effort of José Rubio, son and grandson of artisan bakers who keeps up traditional family recipes which date all the way back to 1949 in order to produce today the delicious breadsticks made following the artisan tradition with only the best raw ingredients.


The characteristic flavour, texture, smell, and toasted crisp of Piquitos Rubio has been recognised by clients and professionals of Andalucian gastronomy for years, even going so far as being chosen by the Royal Household to join the menu for the wedding ceremony of His Majesty King Felipe VI.




The manufacturing process of our piquitos remains artisan from kneading to roasting through its handling, thus preserving its flavor to the time of consumption.


100% Handmade


Our respect for baking tradition and the Mediterranean diet come together in the best kept secret of Piquitos Rubio: bread fermentation with just sourdough starter, no preservatives or improvers added besides the use of the best extra virgin olive oil as the only dietary fat; these are the ingredients used to achieve piquitos unique flavor and texture while they are gastronomically healthy.

As part of their efforts to place quality excellence at the centre, since 1998 Piquitos Rubio has been making a wide range of organic breadsticks which holds official

certification from the Andalucian Committee for Organic Farming (CAAAE in its Spanish acronym), who guarantee the usage of organic raw ingredients in our products.


Our roots, our good work, and our keeping up of the baking tradition in Málaga has lent Piquitos Rubio the distinctive "Málaga Flavour" by which mark the highest quality foods produced in the Andalucian province

are recognised.



Piquitos Rubio

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Ardales · Málaga · Spain

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