Handmade in Ardales

according to the family

recipe since 1939



The raw materials used in the manufacture of the piquitos are top quality; with these and treatment of the artisan’s hands, we also get these products to be top quality.


The manufacturing process starts with the following steps:


We pour the ingredients needed to produce the desired amount of dough into the mixer.



Once secured a thin and elastic dough through a suitable kneading time, it comes to get batches of this mass to the cylinder, where we will get the fineness and elasticity that we desire


Then, we proceed to divide the refined loaf into small pieces, a thin strip which will be deposited in trays and later chopped with a cutter roll. This process is done by artisan’s hands and all the hygienic measures needed to avoid any kind of contamination.




The industrial process is the same despite the fact that mass batches are put through special machines that give us the desired formats.


Finally, the packaging of the product is done.


The workers deposit "the piquitos" in a packaging machine

which is responsible for preparing the bags and imprint the expiration date and lot number. Right after this bags pass

through the metal detector.

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