Handmade in Ardales

according to the family

recipe since 1939



“Piquito” names a kind of long, thin and crunchy bread (about 14cm-5.51in) which has the same manufacturing process as the rest; however, in 1995, it was a very innovative product as they were commercially unknown because they were handmade. It was in 2007 when we started using mechanical work in the process; nowadays, we use both procedures.


Piquitos are also made wholemeal, with sesame and ecologic with spelt or wholemeal flour.


We make other sizes (longer-shorter) responding to consumer needs and always with the same formula.


Piquitos Rubio

C/ Fuente Vieja, s/n

Ardales · Málaga · Spain

Telf.: +34 952 45 91 64

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